Potomac Prospect

Seidler Oil & Gas is pleased to offer it’s investors the opportunity to participate in the Potomac Prospect in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. This prospect consists of one Well — the Potomac Well. The prospect is a fault bounded four-way closure off the flank of the Lake Washington salt dome. Potomac was identified on a proprietary 3D shoot Houston Energy acquired.  It has excellent AVO/Amplitude support along with several excellent analogs.  The nearby analogous production in the same mini basin at a similar pressure regime and depth to the prospect made 11.5 MMBO and 19.2 BCF known from 8 wells. All of the analogs at the same depth and pressure regime are oil rich. Since the prospective amplitude is much more pronounced than this analog, we used a more conservative GOR. The high side scenario for the prospect would be 38.25 MMBO. The other analogs in the area have the same trough/peak signature along with excellent gathers. Drilling is expected to get underway in April 2020.