Jackson Plauche Prospect

Seidler Oil & Gas is please to announce the Jackson Plauche Prospect in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. This prospect consists of two Wells — the Jackson well and the Plauche well.

The Jackson is a 14,600’MD/ 12,400’ TVD directional well with a one string pipe test. The Well has two high quality amplitude targets, one of which is updip to production. The total Jackson potential reserves are estimated at 335 MBO & 11.7 BCF. Currently waiting to turn to sales.

The Plauche Well is an 12,500’MD / 11,600’ TVD directional well with no pipe test. This Well has three high quality targets. The main target is a strong amplitude at a crestal structural position and secondary targets are amplitude on fault trap. This well will share surface facilities with the Jackson, thereby reducing total costs. The total Plauche potential  reserves are estimated at 395 MBO & 10 BCF. Currently Drilling.