Crazy Martin Prospect

Seidler Oil & Gas is pleased to announce the Crazy Martin Prospect located about 46 miles south-southeast of downtown Houston and 20 miles southeast of Alvin, Texas near the intersection of Chocolate Bay and West Galveston Bay in Brazoria County, Texas. Geologically it is in the area known as Rattlesnake Mound Field. The primary objectives are the Frio Big Gas and Grubb Sands. The Big Gas sand has 39’ of porosity down dip in the General Crude #2 Martin Fee. Both sands have produced 543.3 MBO + 4.54 BCF to the north in Pegasus Gulf Coast Field. LLOX has drilled and completed the Crazy Chester, a location up thrown to the Crazy Martin trapping fault and made a Grubbs discovery producing 4.0 MMCFPD + 130 BOPD. Also, a big string of Big Gas sand wells have recently been found to be productive to the southeast by Zenergy, Inc. no 1 Roca Negra (212 MBO + 3.5 BCF), Kaler Energy #1 and 2 Halls Bayou (456.2 MBO + 1.9 BCF to 4/30/2018). The most recent Kaler #3 well was completed at the rate of 624 BOPD + 182 MCF/G. Drilling is expected to get underway in Q1 2020.